Saturday, 28 May 2016

Having been on this Earth for 25 years I have now accepted the fact that catcalling happens to pretty much everyone everywhere. I like to still reserve the right to be shocked whenever it happens to me though, probably because I like to be a difficult person. So I continue to be shocked by the fact that I've never once shouted derogatory remarks at a man, yet I live on continuing to have such remarks hurled at me like a bag of unwanted cats in a river. Never in a million years did I think I would be catcalled while alone in my car though.

There I was, young, independent but still in need of loose supervision woman, driving to the supermarket to buy cat food while listening to Beyonce with the windows down because we were having our very British 3 day summer.
Loving life whilst looking slightly hideous after darting around like a confused pigeon at work, I stopped at a traffic light when it happened.
A young-ish man pulled up beside me in his 2011 Vauxhall Insignia, passenger window slowly disappearing as he winked at me. "What's your number, baby? Let's go out!" were not the words I expected to hear, yet that's exactly what he said as I tried to figure out who the hell he was talking to. "Oi, you in the silver Corsa, what your number?" set me straight though. "Go on, give us your number, love."

I mean what did this man, on his own in his car, think was going to happen? I'm not good looking enough to keep cards with my number in my car so that I may conveniently hurl them into the cars of other good looking strangers I come across in life. I don't think anyone is really.
Was I going to just shout my number across to him, and if so, what would he have taken it down with? Should one of us have just left their car & morals behind and hopped into the other's car? I mean, the questions are endless really.

So I did what any normal person would do - looked him straight in the eye as I slowly turned Beyonce up and the window finally closed. Do you see any hands up in this car, sir? No because there are no single ladies about.


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